Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 10K

Start Date: 2006-05-01

End Date: 2006-06-30


Team Members

Dr. R. H. Usmani
(Dairy and Livestock Expert)
Sohail Modghul
(Technical Manager)

Project Description

DAI was awarded the Pakistan Legislative Strengthening Project (PLSP) by USAID.  The project was focused on enhance the capacity of Pakistan legislatures including in the preparation and analysis of the budget.

Services provided by APEX

DAI developed a toolkit to analyze federal budgets according to (i) demand; (ii) functional; and (iii) policy classifications.  This software compares the allocations as per these classifications for the last five years giving the lawmakers a visual representation about the rise or fall of budgetary allocation.  Our staff members were given the software and we adopted this software for three federal ministries i.e. Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Labor and Manpower.  With the software it was possible if the total allocation for the ministry in the federal budget has gone up or down, what is the breakdown of current and development budget, what are the provincial budgets as compared to the federal allocations, how is the total budget broken down by object classifications, how is the total budget broken down by function classification, how is the budget broken down by demand and also by policy allocation over the past five years.