PAIMAN Alumni Trust (USAID)


Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 3.5K

Start Date: 2010-07-19

End Date: 2010-08-20


Team Members

(Assignment Manager)


Yasir Majeed
(Team Leader)
Tahir Jelani
(Field Manager)

Project Description

FDP-LD entered into a partnership with PAIMAN Alumni Trust to launch the Outcome-Based Literacy Project in FR DI Khan. A baseline survey was conducted to create employment opportunities for literate young Men and Women (14-30 ages) in the area. On the basis of the baseline, survey literates were identified who were provided an incentive for making local youth literate. The overall objective of the project deals with creating jobs and income opportunities for youth. One of the components encompasses literacy and numeracy curriculum to be delivered through village-based models. The project hinges upon incentives base model unlike formal and non-formal literacy practices in the past.

Services provided by APEX

The services provided by the firm included the development of evaluation instruments, verifications of learners database with their oaths, conducting literacy tests in 122 male and female literacy centers and data compilation, and generation of the evaluation report. The objectives of the evaluation were, to assess the competencies achieved by the learners based on the dictation of words from the newspaper of that day. Based on the requirements of the assessments the firm deployed 06 field teams of male and female enumerators. Learner's evaluation mechanism was designed as per the standard evaluation practices and guidelines for adult literacy assessment. Instruments were prepared to assess learner competency in basic literacy and numeracy skills. Fake learners were identified using various verification techniques. A total of 122 literacy centers was assessed covering 1,962 male and female learners. The learners were examined about functional literacy skills by using the dictation method. A total of ten words were dictated to learners and they were asked to understand words by phonetic sounds and write them on answer sheets.