Bureau of Statistics, Punjab (BOS)



Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 176,428

Start Date: 2017-09-01

End Date: 2019-03-30


Team Members

Mudabbir Haneef
(Survey Manager)
(Data Processing Manager and Analyst)
Muhammad Tahir
(Field Manager)
Waqas Ashfaque
(Field Coordinator)
Dr. Noor Ul Zaman
(Report Writer)
Varda Rasheed
(Manual Writer)
Nasir Ali
(Field Coordinator)

Project Description

Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) initiated to start prevention and control efforts in Punjab in collaboration with and support from the Hepatitis Control Programme, Punjab. PKLI with support of BOS, designed a population survey to provide a benchmark for hepatitis prevention and control program in Punjab. Through an open tender, APEX was selected to carry out this survey.

Services provided by APEX

APEX conducted this survey with 23,000 household (HH) members of all ages from XXXX HHs from 240 PSUs in 36 districts of Punjab. Keeping in view the requirement of two stage stratified random sampling, the sample frame for rural and urban areas prepared by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) was used for this assignment. The 240 rural and urban PSUs were selected by employing population proportion to size method by PBS. Using the provided latest maps by PBS, a fresh listing of all HH members in 240 PSUs was conducted by trained staff of APEX through Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) method. Using the listing data, a fixed number of 20 HHs were selected through systematic random sampling technique from each PSU for the actual survey.

We finalized and translated the survey questionnaires, developed questionnaire instruction manual, and field guides in English and Urdu. A questionnaire application was developed for CAPI based interviews. The application along with other survey preparations were pilot tested in the field in two PSUs. After ensuring about preparation, APEX provided training to 175 field staff ((enumerators, supervisors, phlebotomists (for blood sample collection), coordinators, and monitors)). The field work was supervised and monitored by APEX’s survey management and staff of BOS and PKLI through physical visit as well as via field check tables and a dashboard developed for this survey. Data processing and analysis (weighted and unweighted) was carried out through SPSS software. The final report along with findings around agreed key indicators was also produced by the APEX.