Child Protection & Welfare Bureau Punjab


Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 9954.47K

Start Date: 2015-02-15

End Date: 2015-04-28


Team Members

(Assignment Manager)
Shamshad Hussain Qureshi
(Team Leader)
Tabassum Hussain
(Project Coordinator)

Project Description

The broad purpose of this study was to seek technical assistance to assist the Government of Punjab in mapping and assessing community and district-based child protection services for a referral to and partnership with district-level Government Child Protection Units (CPUs), develop a comprehensive Service Directory for CPU use, and map and assess Alternative Care Services and provide concrete Action Points for selected services to align to Minimum Standards for Children in Alternative Care. By providing this technical support, this assignment will contribute towards the strengthening of child protection services in Punjab. The consultancy was focus on 03 districts Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, and Rajan Pur.

Services provided by APEX

The key accomplished tasks were carried out by detailed desk review, 24 FGDs, 40 KIIs, and assessment of 14 child care institutions/services by using Minimum Standards for Children in Alternative Care (MSCAC) for Pakistan in the three targeted districts - Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, and Rajanpur. The study used statistically significant methods of purposive sampling and each category of the sampling frame was consulted with the client. Survey instruments/tools were developed and pre-tested through the respective district's field teams as a part of their training.