Oosouji - Big Cleaning Day at APEX

At APEX Consulting it has become a ritual of carrying out an inside out cleaning activity of office spaces on every December 31. Cleaning activity is although carried out on routine basis as per the administrative procedures but every year in all APEX offices, last day of the year is observed as 'Oosouji Day'; a Japanese term meaning 'Big Cleaning Day'. The essence of this day is to clean the clutter, the dirt and the dust of the past both physically and in spirit as well. The purpose is to build a positive attitude and team-building exercise to banish any problems and/or ways of overcoming them. At APEX we welcome the beginnings of the year as per the said ideology and proceed with the new-year resolutions with greater zeal and zest. If you agree with the quintessence of this practice kindly share it with others so that they may also join the spirit of this activity at their respected places.