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Final Evaluation of EIE Program in Pakistan


Short summary of Project

Plan Pakistan was active in the Mansehra district at the time of earthquake in 2005. It used it vantage position to launch a relief and rehabilitation effort and later dove-tailed it child centered development methodology for the socio-economic reconstruction of the community. Our staff used qualitative and quantitative research tools i.e. focus group discussions, key-informant interviews and household questionnaire to gather information about the manner in which the project was designed, marketed to the community, coordinated with the partner organizations, executed on the ground and the impact that the project has had on the lives of the people. The Consultants spent ten days in the field and met all the implementation partners to reach their conclusion regarding the outcome, impact and sustainability of the project. Evaluation of the program including school improvement, school construction, health & hygiene promotion, psycho-social support; and early childhood care. District covered were selected union councils of Siran Valley, Mansehra district. Consultants and Support Teams included Our firm mobilized and trained 12 male and female enumerators and field engineers and 3 technical experts (analysts, report writers). Final evaluation report with strategic and operational findings including best practices, lessons learnt and recommendations

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