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Contraceptive Stock Assessment Survey


Short summary of Project

In Pakistan, improving contraceptive availability within the public sector's family planning (FP) service delivery system, also known as last mile delivery, was a key goal of the USAID | MCH Program From 2009 to 2016, the USAID funded USAID | DELIVER PROJECT provided technical assistance to the Government of Pakistan (GoP) to strengthen the supply chain system. Based on the project workplan and the findings of the 2014 assessment a number of initiatives were taken with the provincial and regional government including implementing the Contraceptive Logistic manual to improve sub district contraceptive supply and distribution systems, improving the quality of data being reported into the system to make the LMIS more robust and building capacity of the staff at SDP level to reduce errors in reporting. In this context, it was pertinent to conduct a contraceptive stock assessment survey to assess the prevailing stock levels of contraceptives.

The overall purpose of this research was to conduct an assessment to determine stock levels of contraceptive commodities at service delivery points and district stores in order to estimate the last mile contraceptive availability and determine efficiency of supply and distribution system. A secondary purpose was to validate the accuracy of the cLMIS data reported by the GOP. The Services provided by the APEX Consulting Pakistan included finalization of quantities and qualitative instruments, sampling, arrange and training of data collectors, data collection, analysis and stock assessment report.

JSI/USAID Deliver Project


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