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Sr # Country Year Assigment Name Client
137Pakistan2016 Baseline Survey on Income/Market Return of Women Artisans and Home based Workers TAF
136Pakistan2016 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Eleventh Round)RIZ Consulting
135Pakistan2016 Baseline Survey in Tank and HanguUNDP
134Pakistan2016 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Tenth Round)RIZ Consulting
133Pakistan2016 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Ninth Round)RIZ Consulting
132Pakistan2016 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Eight Round)RIZ Consulting
131Pakistan2016 Baseline Survey Stakeholder AnalysisRSU E&LD
130Pakistan2016 Baseline survey for the project Voices from the ValleyBritish Council
129Pakistan2016 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Seventh Round)RIZ Consulting
128Pakistan2015 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Sixth Round)RIZ Consulting
127Pakistan2015 Contraceptive Stock Assessment SurveyJSI/USAID Deliver Project
126Pakistan2015 Conflict Mapping in KPUNDP
125Pakistan2015 Immunization Coverage Survey, Client Satisfaction and MO Presence in PunjabTRF Plus
124Pakistan2015 Data Collection for Impact Evaluation Rule of Law ProgrammeUNDP
123Pakistan2015 Public Opinion Survey for Strenthening Electoral and Lagislative ProcessUNDP
122Pakistan2015 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Fifth Round)RIZ Consulting
121Pakistan2015 Mid-term Evaluation of Strengthening Rule of Law ProgrammeUNDP
120Pakistan2015 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Fourth Round)RIZ Consulting
119Pakistan2015 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Third Round)RIZ Consulting
118Pakistan2015 A feedback on the Voter Education CampaignUNDP
117Pakistan2015 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (Second Round)RIZ Consulting
116Pakistan2015 Impact Evaluation of Community Resilience ProjectUNDP
115Pakistan2015 Impact Assessment of DFID Funded ProjectsSBP
114Pakistan2015 Post-Polio Campaign Monitoring (First Round)RIZ Consulting
113Pakistan2015 Mapping of Services regarding Child Protection in Punjab CPWB Punjab
112Pakistan2015 Development of Balochistan MNCH StrategyMercy Corp
111Pakistan2014 Sanitation Programme at Scale in Pakistan (SPSP)-Phase-IIUNICEF
110Pakistan2014 KAP Study for Rule of Law in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa UNDP
109Pakistan2014 Baseline study and gender analysisPlan International
108Pakistan2014 TPFM of Regular Programme in Punjab 2014 2014 UNICEF
107Pakistan2014 Baseline and Stakeholder Analysis (BASA) for Kuhan BlockOMV
106Pakistan2014 TPFM of Regular Programme in SINDH 2014 UNICEF
105Pakistan2014 Apricot Consumer Survey KMC
104Pakistan2014 Data Collection on MCH JICA
103Pakistan2014 Identification of Relevant Policies and its Review Related to HealthWorld Vision
102Pakistan2014 Baseline and End-line survey of women artisans The Asia Foundation
101Pakistan2014 User Beneficiary Assessment Phase II PPAF
100Pakistan2013 Assessment of Water and Sanitation Scheme Phase ISolidarities International
99Pakistan2013 Baseline Survey of LRP Sindh 2013UN FAO
98Pakistan2013 Livelihood Recovery Appraisal 2013UN FAO
97Afghanistan2013 Nutrition and Health Survey in 6 ProvincesSave the Children International
96Pakistan2013 TPFM of COMNet Projects in Baluchistan 2013UNICEF
95Pakistan2013 Third Party Field Monitoring in Baluchistan 2013UNICEF
94Pakistan2013 Third Party Field Monitoring in Sindh 2013UNICEF
93Pakistan2013 TPFM of COMNet Projects in KP and FATA 2013UNICEF
92Pakistan2013 Third Party Field Monitoring of COMNet Projects in Sindh 2013UNICEF
91Pakistan2013 Communication Strategy for FATA KP Health ProgramSave the Children
90Pakistan2013 Pre and Post Intervention Survey of Drugs Awareness in KPKUNODC
89Pakistan2013 Field Monitors and Reporters in KPK and FATA UNICEF
88Pakistan2013 Gender Analysis for the FATA KP Health ProgrammeSave the Children
87Pakistan2013 Baseline Survey of MNCH and HTSP in KPK and FATASave the Children
86Pakistan2013 Third Party Monitoring & Evaluation of Services in FATAUNWFP
85Pakistan2013 Third Party Field Monitoring of Sanitation Programme at Scale in Pakistan (SPSP-Rural)UNICEF
84Pakistan2013 Third Party Monitoring of Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) SuppliesUNICEF
83Pakistan2013 M&E Services for Training Activities for General Election in PakistanUNDP
82Pakistan2013 Baseline Survey for Peach Farmers, 2013Chemonics
81Pakistan2013 Monitoring and Evaluation in PakistanIFES
80Pakistan2013 Baseline Data Collection Study in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (for RAHA Programme)UNDP
79Pakistan2013 Evaluation of WFP (P) FERL and DRR activities under "EO & PRRO" 2011-12UNWFP
78Pakistan2013 Baseline Survey of MNCH for MCCS ProjectAKF(P)
77Pakistan2013 Regular Performance Monitoring ServiceMEDA
76Pakistan2013 Beneficiary Perception SurveyPMDFC
75Pakistan2012 Third Party Monitoring of RAHA Projects in FATAUNHCR
74Pakistan2012 Comprehensive Needs Assessment in KPUNHCR
73Pakistan2012 Field Monitors and Reporters in SindhUNICEF
72Pakistan2012 Field Monitors and Reporters in KPK and FATAUNICEF
71Pakistan2012 TPFM of Regular Programme and Emergency Response Activities in PunjabUNICEF
70Pakistan2012 Literacy Boost (LB) and Student Readiness Assessment (SRA) baseline SurveySave the Children
69Pakistan2012 Livelihood Recovery Appraisal (LRA)UNFAO
68Pakistan2012 Conflict Trend AnalysisDFID
67Pakistan2012 Baseline Survey of Peach and Potato Growers of Malakand RegionChemonics International
66Pakistan2012 Health Baseline Survey in Swabi DistrictSave the Children
65Pakistan2012 Data Collection and Entry for LSP Survey of SRSPRSPN
64Pakistan2012 Field Monitors and Reporters in SindhUNICEF
63Pakistan2012 Field Monitors and Reporters in KPK and FATAUNICEF
62Pakistan2012 Final Evaluation of Getting Children Back to School ProjectPlan Int
61Pakistan2012 Large Scale Baseline SurveySave the Children
60Pakistan2012 Baseline Study for Manzil ProjectWorld Vision
59Pakistan2012 Final Evaluation of EIE Program in PakistanPlan Int
58Pakistan2011 Data Collection and Entry for Final Evaluation of CBHA Program in PakistanSave the Children
57Pakistan2011 Monitoring, Evaluation & Knowledge Management of Early Recovery Scaling up of Rural Sanitation PWaterAid
56Pakistan2011 Monitoring Review of UNDP Flood Recovery ProgrammesUNDP
55Pakistan2011 Field Monitors and Reporters in FATAUNICEF
54Pakistan2011 KAP Survey and Environmental Awareness CampaignIslamic Relief
53Pakistan2011 Detailed Livelihood Assessment (DLA)FAO
52Pakistan2011 End-line Survey for Impact Analysis KRI / JICA
51Pakistan2011 User Beneficiary Assessment Survey PPAF
50Pakistan2011 Final Evaluation of PEFSA Program in Pakistan Save the Children
49Pakistan2011 Supporting Need Assessment in Lower Dir, Upper Dir, Malakand and Shangla Districts UNDP
48Pakistan2011 Poverty Scorecard Survey (LOT N8) District KhushabPPAF
47Pakistan2011 Field Monitors and Reporters - SindhUNICEF
46Pakistan2011 Field Monitors and Reporters - KPKUNICEF
45Pakistan2010 Baseline Survey for Community Infrastructure ProjectCare International
44Pakistan2010 Innovative Rapid Assessment and Monitoring in Sindh USAID
43Pakistan2010 Study on "Result Based Monitoring & Evaluation Framework for PRSP-II"Finance Division, GoP
42Pakistan2010 Field Monitors and ReportersUNICEF
41Pakistan2010 Apricot Commercial Potential Study for GBSDC
40Pakistan2010 Third Party Evaluation of Literacy Centers in DI KhanPAIMAN AT
39Pakistan2010 Institutional Assessment Survey of COsRSPN
38Pakistan2010 Training Need Assessment Survey SDC, Peshawar
37Pakistan2010 Endline of project "Revitalization and improvement of Primary Health Care Services in Batagram"Save the Children
36Pakistan2010 Baseline Survey in Based Poverty Programme in SindhRSPN
35Pakistan2010 Punjab Cities Improvement Investment Program ADB
34Pakistan2010 Baseline and End line Studies for Media Storming Project JSI / USAID
33Pakistan2010 Supporting Need Assessment in Swat and Buner DistrictUNDP
32Pakistan2009 Data Collection, Entry and Tabulation for Survey of RSPs Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI)RSPN
31Pakistan2009 Baseline Survey for Impact Analysis (BLSIA)KRI - JICA
30Pakistan2009 Terminal Evaluation of International Training Program on Operation and maintenance of Construction MJICA
29Pakistan2009 Evaluation of In-Country Training Program on "Safe Motherhood"JICA
28Pakistan2008 Developing a Comprehensive Technical and Vocational Education and Training Support Programme For PakGTZ
27Pakistan2008 Final Evaluation of Supporting Community Learning in EQ AreasPlan Pakistan
26Pakistan2008 Compilation, Evaluation and Gap Identification of Existing Water Sector Studies in FATAFDP-LD/CHF
25Pakistan2008 Literacy Mapping in Pakistan for the purpose of developing a Strategy for National Literacy PlanNCHD
24Pakistan2008 BCC Strategy for Demand Generation of Reproductive Health UNFPA
23Pakistan2008 Rapid Rural Assessment of Livelihood ProgramCNFA - I-LED
22Pakistan2008 SWOT Analysis of Economic Development PoliciesCNFA - I-LED
21Pakistan2008 Gender Analysis in Value ChainCNFA - I-LED
20Pakistan2007 Baseline Study for Impact Assessment in FATAKB
19Pakistan2007 Capacity Assessment of PMD, AEDB, NEPRAWEP - UNDP
18Pakistan2007 Kalinger Water Supply SchemeIPDF
17Pakistan2007 Evaluation of Programme Building Resilience of Communities to DisastersIR
16Pakistan2006 Budget Analysis for Ministries of (i) Food; (ii) Environment; and (iii) Labor and ManpowerDAI
15Pakistan2006 Cluster Development Study for 6 different Manufacturing IndustriesUNIDO
14Pakistan2006 Value Chain Study for Micro & Small Enterprise in the Dairy SectorLAP
13Pakistan2006 Socio-economic survey for defining village energy need in Balochistan and SindhAEDB
12Pakistan2006 Rapid Assessment of Shelters in Earthquake Affected RegionUSAID
11Qatar2006 Training Program for ICCI Members of Middle East CountriesICCI
10Pakistan2006 Institutional Development of TEVTA Punjab TEVTA
9Pakistan2006 Assistance in Technical and Cost Proposal Development for USAID Value Chain ProjectLOL
8Pakistan2006 Review of Customs Clearance System and its Enforcement in PakistanJICA
7Pakistan2005 Design of Training Modules KB
6Pakistan2005 Assistance in the Drafting of National SME PolicySMEDA
5Pakistan2005 Primary Education Survey in Sindh and BalochistanESRA/USAID
4Pakistan2004 Concept Paper for New Activity DesignUSAID
3Pakistan2004 Unlocking the Industrial Potential of Bin Qasim DistrictJETRO
2Pakistan2003 Design of Merit and Needs Based Scholarship ProgramUSAID
1Afghanistan2002 A Study of the Postal Paymnet Syetem of PakistanBP


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