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Hernia research today is a free monthly online journal that collates and summarizes the latest research about hernia, including details on hiatal, inguinal, umbilical, abdominal, treatment. Hernia research today home view latest issue information about hernia books on hernia advertising in research today view other research today publications robotic trocar site small bowel evisceration after gynecologic cancer surgery. Seamon lg, backes f, resnick k, cohn de division of gynecologic oncology, department of obstetrics and gynecology, the ohio state university college of medicine, columbus, oh, usa. Background: trocar site hernia is a known, rare complication after laparoscopic surgery. We describe a case of bowel herniation, evisceration, and bowel obstruction through an 8-mm robotic port site. Case: a 67-year-old patient with endometrial cancer underwent an uncomplicated robotic hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and pelvic and aortic lymphadenectomy. Four days later, she presented with symptoms of a small bowel obstruction and was found to have evisceration through a laterally placed 8-mm robotic port site. The bowel was reduced locally and the fascial defect repaired without midline laparotomy or bowel resection. Conclusion: bowel herniation can occur through the fascial defect after placement of an 8-mm robotic port. Continued reporting is needed to accurately gauge the occurrence of this complication. Published 1 august 2008 in obstet gynecol, 112(2): 462-4. Full-text of this article is available online (may require subscription). Place a permanent text-link or advertisement here. © 2004-2012 hernia research today. cheap generic viagra generic viagra cheap generic viagra viagra buy on line no prescription canada viagra online generic viagra online cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra viagra for sale cheap viagra online All rights reserved. Hernia research today archive: volume 1 (2004)  issue 1 (december) volume 2 (2005)  issue 1 (january)   issue 2 (february)   issue 3 (march)   issue 4 (april)   issue 5 (may)   issue 6 (june)   issue 7 (july)   issue 8 (august)   issue 9 (september)   issue 10 (october)   issue 11 (november)   issue 12 (december) volume 3 (2006)  issue 1 (january)   issue 2 (february)   issue 3 (march)   issue 4 (april)   issue 5 (may)   issue 6 (j.

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