Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: € 28k

Start Date: 2011-03-01

End Date: 2011-05-30


Team Members

Syed Muhammad Sardar Ali
(Assignment Manager)

Maj (R) Aamir Bilal
(Deputy Project Manager)
Yasir Majeed
(Project Coordinator)
Tahir Jelani
(Field Manager)

Project Description

A government of NWFP set up Provincial Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement Authority (PARRSA) for the resettlement of Swat and Buner IDPs.  In order to address the divide along the lines of those who supported and benefited from conflict and those who fell victim to it, the project was designed to undertake an assessment of local level sports needs for youth, identify opportunities for engaging youth in sports, map coaching and mentoring opportunities; and identify informal sporting clubs for provision of support through sports equipment.

Services provided by APEX

The services provided by the firm included preparation of the framework on how sports can be used in a post-conflict situation in districts of Malakand, Lower Dir, Upper Dir and Shangla to address the divide in the community and to re-engage all segments of the society in healing and rehabilitation through the medium of sports.  The firm developed qualitative and quantitative instruments to assess the need and means of the engaging youth of the area and helping them by providing equipment, coaching and mentoring services.  Our firm mobilized and trained 15 enumerators that collected data from youth and administrators and compiled information on about 5000 education and 68 stand-alone sports facilities.  The final report was a tabulation of sort, medium and long-term interventions suggested to UNDP, broken down by prospective partner organization and budget estimates