Save the Children


Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 39K

Start Date: 2010-05-25

End Date: 2010-06-30


Team Members

(Quantitative Researcher)
Syed Muhammad Sardar Ali
(Assignment Manager)
Tahir Jelani
(Field Manager)
Dr. Arslan Ahmed
Dr. Moazam Khalil
(Team Leader)
Sara Javeed
Yasir Majeed
(Assignment Coordinator)

Project Description

Immediately after the earthquake of October 8, 2005 Save the Children US (SCUS) began interventions to revitalize and improve primary health care system in the area especially focusing on the District Battagram.  SCUS conducted a household survey in district Batagram with an aim to establish baseline data on mothers and newborns related indicators.  The primary objective of this consultancy was to conduct the survey to measure the progress on key maternal, neonatal and child health interventions by comparing results from the baseline survey.

Services provided by APEX

The services provided by the firms included the conduct of the household knowledge, attitude, and coverage survey in district Battagram comparing it with the survey conducted at the baseline.  The firm mobilized and trained enumerators and supervisors with experience in health surveys.  Teams were deployed in Battagram to collect household data.  Each team also included a female enumerator.  Data from 600 households were collected.  Results were compiled using CSPro and cleaned data set was presented to the client.  A final report comparing the end-line data with baseline data as well as a compilation of the results from the other two concurrent studies was presented as the final deliverable to the client.