Save the Children - Afghanistan


Region: South Asia

Country: Afghanistan

Value: USD 70K

Start Date: 2013-06-17

End Date: 2013-08-16


Team Members

Syed Muhammad Sardar Ali
(Assignment Manager)
Tahir Jelani
(Assignment Coordinator)
Zulfiqar ul Mulk
(Qualitative Expert)
Dr. Moazzam Khalil
(Team Leader)

Project Description

Initial assessment on Improving Nutrition for Mothers, Newborns, and Children in Afghanistan – A Community-Focused Approach. The Project’s Goal is to: “Ensure that women and children in the intervention areas benefit from a sustainable approach to nutrition service delivery within the Afghan health system.  

Services provided by APEX

APEX conduct a baseline survey to gain a clear understanding of the current situation with regards to basic health needs, specifically of women and children less than five years of age in the targeted provinces of Afghanistan.  To identify current nutritional healthcare practices and services. To design and implement a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system. Provision of necessary benchmarks for the end term evaluation. Identified in the project performance measurement framework.