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APEX delivers innovative services and solutions for some of the world's leading companies. Following are some of our top clients

APEX held its strategic annual meeting on 7th January 2017

An annual general meeting is a mandatory yearly gathering of a company's Higher management. At the AGM, the operations manager of the company presented an annual report, which contains information about company about its performance and make strategies for 2018.

APEX Consulting opened its new branch in Capital of Afghanistan

APEX is looking to establish their presence in international market . A foreign branch in the Afghanistan is intended to provide information or promote products and services to local clients, whereas a subsidiary has full legal status to close deals, sign contracts, and carry out other major business transactions.

Iftaar-Dinner 2019

An Iftaar-dinner was hosted by APEX Consulting Pakistan on May 30, 2019 at Islamabad Hotel. The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Chief guest for the evening was Ms. Rukhsana Naveed, a Pakistani Politician who has been a member of the National Assembly since August 2018 and in September 2018 she was appointed as a Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change. After a brief introduction of APEX Consulting Pakistan and the esteemed Chief Guest, the event was followed by a cheque distribution ceremony for the staff of APEX. Moreover, an employee from Infrastructure domain of APEX was awarded with a cash prize for being the best employee of the year. Senior Partner of APEX Consulting then delivered a closing speech and thanked all the guests on his behalf.

APEX Consulting bids farewell to a couple employees

A week back APEX Consulting, Head Office convened a gathering to acknowledge the efforts and skills of two employees departing the APEX family. To begin with, Mr. Tahir Jelani who spent almost a decade with APEX as a permanent employee and played a pivotal role in the MER domain of APEX. Another asset of APEX, Col. (Rtd.) Tasawar Hussain who had been heading the security section for one of the flagship projects of APEX Consulting also accomplished his tenure at the firm and embarked upon a new-fangled professional journey. Although, bidding farewell is a tough task but this is a necessary process to go through, both for the organization and employee. On one hand the firm is expected to fill the gap with a more competent resource while the leaving employee is supposed to be a goodwill ambassador and an emblem of the latter firm. Adios to our team-players!

Public Notice

This has come to APEX Consulting Pakistan’s attention that a person, who doesn’t disclose his name; has been posting unauthorized information in name of APEX Consulting. He has been demanding money, copies of passport, driving license etc. through a WhatsApp no i.e. 03035091007 in lieu of sending Pakistani citizens abroad for jobs. We, hereby declare that this is entirely an unauthorized and illegal activity. Neither APEX Consulting is associated with this person in sending citizens abroad nor any of our employees have the right to collect such documents via WhatsApp. This notice has been served for the information of general public to stay prudent about the said scam and APEX Consulting will not be responsible for any dealing pertaining to the said issue. Please keep visiting our website for updates.

Project on Multi-Sectoral Nutrition in Sindh

Proceedings of training sessions conducted in Karachi for a Project related to Multi-Sectoral Nutrition in Sindh. Our commitment in providing knowledge-based solutions along with the accuracy in data is a hallmark of our professional expertise.

Phase-II Training's of Project on Multi-Sectoral Nutrition in Sindh

The second phase of the training sessions in Mirpurkhas & Sukkur for a Project related to Multi-Sectoral Nutrition in Sindh in progress. Delivering standards and harnessing knowledge is our aim. The aim of Multi-Sectoral Action for nutrition project is revolving around key areas such as sanitation for sustaining health and increase lifespans, improving hygiene conducive to maintain health and prevent diseases and dietary intake to assess the nutritional risks.

COVID-19: Keeping Our Workplace Safe

As global concern about the current COVID-19 outbreak grows, APEX is trying its best to keep APEX family healthy and safe in the workplace while also minimizing the disruptions to our day-to-day operations. Please stick to following precautionary measures in order to minimize the virus risks: 1-Employees must be politely directed against hugging and shaking hands or coming into any unnecessary physical contact with each other. This can help prevent the virus from being transferred to healthy employees from employees who may already have the virus but are not showing its symptoms. 2-Employees must wash their hands with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer at least three to four times a day. 3-All towels in toilets should be changed frequently or replaced with disposable towels that can be discarded after first use. 4-Any tissues, once used, should be disposed of immediately in a trash bin. 5-Biometric attendance to be halted with immediate effect. This can help prevent the virus from being transferred to healthy employees from a sick individual via biometric machines. 6-Any unnecessary contact with side railings and doors should be avoided. The reasoning is the same: healthy employees can pick up the virus by touching surfaces that a sick employee has also touched. 7-Likewise, appropriate safety precautions must be taken when coming in contact with office machinery such as telephones, fax machines and computers. 8-In case of cough and flu, the employee must seek medical attention on first priority. 9-A mask should be worn by any person showing symptoms of cough and flu. This is to prevent the virus spreading in the environment through coughing and sneezing. 10-Face-masks should be discarded after one day of use.